21st September 2017

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toledo sightseeInG city tour

An expert local guide will accompany the participants on a tour through the history and legends of the City of Three Cultures with explanatory stops at major monuments.


We will enter the city by its main entrance, Plaza Zocodover, to reach and stop at the main monument Cathedral of Toledo. We will continue through the Jewish Quarter, a true cultural treasure that forms a maze of streets, alleys, battlements and sheds. After the visit, you can sightsee on your own, overlooking the historic legacy of the civilizations that have left their landmarks in the Imperial city of Toledo.


You will feel transported back centuries, covering its winding streets plagued palatial mansions, churches, mosques synagogues, and walking down its wall enjoying the views of the Targus river.

toledo cathedral

This Roman Catholic Cathedral is also know as "Catedral Primada Santa Maria de Toledo" in Spanish. It is one of the 13th century old important Cathedral of Spain.


The sight on which it stands now used to have Visigothic church, back in 6th century. The construction of the Cathedral began in 1226 and continued till 1493. 


Due to such longer period in the construction of the Cathedral, you can see a mixture of different style in the architectural design. For instance, you get to see French Gothic with flying buttresses on the exterior region of the Cathedral while the interior follows Spanish style.