Associate Professor Novel Aerospace Materials Delft University of Technology

Chemical Engineer and PhD by the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Santiago Garcia is currently Associate Professor at the Novel Aerospace Materials group at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the Delft University of Technology.  His research team focuses on the development of self-healing polymeric materials (coatings, polymers and composites) and functional coatings. His current research efforts are directed to the development of (i) biobased and bioinspired concepts for smart release of functional agents such as corrosion inhibitors for long term protection of big damages, and (ii) high performance dynamic polymeric systems (such as self-healing) for coatings and composites. His research, with public and private funding, is based on a deeper understanding of the governing principles responsible for different behaviours and the development of new characterization techniques to monitor and quantify dynamic processes related to macroscopic behaviour and failure (e.g. corrosion and mechanical damage). 


The contribution of Dr Garcia to bring science and technology to the broader public is reflected in several ‘general diffusion articles’, participation in TV programs such as toekomstmakers from RTLZ in NL (2016), 4 patents, co-organization of international conferences, participation in multiple and varied international conferences and industrial forums, and 75+ publications in high impact international reputed journals such as Advanced Materials, ACS Advanced Materials and Interfaces, Electrochimica Acta and Corrosion Science.