Airbus Group

Thierry Nowaczyk was appointed Director Environmental Affairs Europe in March 2014 within the Airbus Environmental Affairs department. In his role, Thierry is in charge of environmental matters and policies impacting Airbus, as well as representing Airbus within the European institutions. In his role, he is also the Vice-Chairman of the Environmental Commission of the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD).


In his previous role, he was responsible for the Airbus Environment Reduction Plan, a project setting strong objectives to reduce the impact of Airbus manufacturing by 2020.


Thierry joined Airbus in 2005 as an Electrical Design Manager, and successively worked for the A380 and the A350 until 2010.


With Polish, French and Spanish roots, Thierry was born in 1981 and has studied at the University College of London and is graduated from ECAM engineering school of Rennes in France.